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5 Questions for an Industrial REALTOR®


When participating in the industrial leasing and sale market, you should take steps to make sure you are hiring the right professional to represent your best interests. Industrial listings are very technical and require a deep understanding and accuracy of the information, which often stems from a combination of traditional and informal education and experience. We suggest that all potential clients have a list of questions ready before meeting with a real estate agent to ensure that they specialize in industrial real estate and that they have experience in the industrial market that will meet your needs, along with the specific needs of the intended property. Below are some of our suggested questions to ask your potential real estate agent.

  1. What is your and your firm’s experience in industrial real estate?

Agents should have a go-to list for you of notable projects they’ve participated in, along with listings they currently have available for lease or sale. A list of long-term client relationships attesting to their success is also beneficial to understand their capabilities. An agent who is confident in their industrial experience should also be confident in their response to you about their work history.

  1. What are some examples of your most recent or current work?

Your potential commercial real estate agent should be able to promptly shortlist some of their most notable work over the last year. This work should be focused on the market you are participating in, commercial type, and area. If they have relevant recent experience, they should be able to respond with confidence.

  1. What geographical market is your focus?

Hamilton’s industrial area isn’t just limited to the landmark steel manufacturing lands – from the Ancaster Business Park to Central Mountain to Stoney Creek, our communities have a diverse list of options for industrial tenants. Your potential agent should understand the commercial market and the diverse characteristics of these geographical areas. For example, locations such as along the QEW in Stoney Creek are ideal, especially because of the access to the QEW towards Niagara/Buffalo and Toronto to the east, Red Hill Valley and Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway towards Brantford to the west. As an added benefit to you, Hamilton is home to a plethora of locals who are specialized in many trades, and a generation of new skilled workers from reputable schools like Mohawk College entering the workforce.

  1. What is your experience with my use, and the appropriate zoning for this use?

Industrial uses can be very specific and require commercial real estate agents to have a good technical understanding of criteria like shipping doors, power capabilities, clear height, and more. Our commercial real estate agents who specialize in industrial real estate will also have problem-solving tools to fulfill your specific requirements to the best of their ability. Our experienced team is able to navigate municipal zoning by-laws and help you to understand any provisions and limitations on a property you are looking to lease or purchase and acknowledge when it is important to utilize city resources.

  1. What is your experience with environmentals?

Some properties may require Environmental Assessments, and further remediation due to previous uses that may have caused a long-term environmental impact on the property. Particularly with the push for a greener industrial sector, and with Hamilton’s aging industrial areas, you should rely on a commercial real estate agent with industrial specialization who may assist in understanding the Assessment process, the results, and next steps and the overall impact to your desired transaction. 


Blair Blanchard Stapleton Limited has a strong team of industrial-focused commercial real estate agents with an extensive knowledge of the industrial real estate market and understanding of technical terms, and a network of clients to whom we provide assistance. 

Talk to us today to find the right commercial real estate agent who can meet your needs, along with representing your best interests.


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