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Coming Soon: Urban Beekeeping in Hamilton

Spring is in the air! Well, almost. As it (gradually) gets a little bit warmer every day, soon the flowers will start to bloom, and with new seasonal life comes – well – bees

Despite what some may think about our buzzing little friends, bees are a foundational part of the circle of life. They are our most important pollinators, and some of the smartest creatures on the planet. They are generally found in our rural areas, but something new over the past few years has started to become quite popular: urban beekeeping

Over the next few months, Blair Blanchard Stapleton will be exploring the interesting world of urban beekeeping and other green initiatives in city spaces, and how this can help benefit cities, their residents, and even the bees themselves. We will chat with our Realtors located at our Hamilton Downtown office about the different ways these initiatives can be implemented, and even a local beekeeper to better understand the nature of bees and why an urban setting can surprisingly help rather than hinder the bee population.

We will also explore the habits and social breakdown of hives, the environmental and chemical threats generally seen in non-urban areas, and what you can do to help.

Stay tuned!

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