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Five Reasons to Hire a Commercial REALTOR®

Commercial real estate is a niche within a broader real estate discipline that often results in best practices from commercial real estate agents who are actively trading in the commercial sector. At Blair Blanchard Stapleton Limited, Real Estate Brokerage, our commercial real estate specialists have years of experience, knowledge, and expertise around listing commercial properties, navigating commercial transactions, and interacting with landlords and tenants, sellers, and investors. Here is a list of topics we believe you should consider when hiring a commercial real estate agent:

  1. Zoning & Property Use 

Commercial real estate is not bound by one property type – there is also a vast network of zoning provisions that commercial real estate agents are required to understand on your behalf which are spread across numerous types of commercial properties. Our agents should be able to assist with many uses by finding the appropriate zoning or working with municipalities to fully understand complex zoning provisions.

  1. Environmental Assessments and Phases 

Especially with industrial uses, some properties may require Environmental Assessments and further remediation due to previous uses that may have caused long term environmental impact to the property. Particularly with the push for a greener industrial sector, and with Hamilton’s aging industrial areas, our clients need to rely on a commercial real estate agent who can point them in the right direction regarding next steps and resources for consideration of the property’s environmental status

  1. Investment Properties

Purchasing a commercial investment property comes with a different complexity that commercial-specialized real estate agents are trained to understand. Commercial real estate agents should have an extensive knowledge of such topics as capitalization rates, current local market conditions, and average rents to calculate the value of your property or a property in which you are considering investing. Our brokerage can provide you with financial summaries that can aid your confidence in us and your potential new investment or sale. 

  1. Navigation of Commercial Lease Transactions

A commercial real estate agent should understand T.M.I. (Taxes, Maintenance, Property Insurance)/CAM (Common Area Maintenance), leasehold improvements, free rent periods,  zoning, and appropriate commercial clauses, which are all important aspects to consider for commercial lease transactions. Members of our brokerage can ensure that all steps of the lease deal are done in good faith, from holding deposits in our trust account on your behalf to using the proper commercial real estate paperwork.

  1. Valuations 

The four previous points will all play a crucial role in understanding the valuation process. A commercial real estate agent should have proficiency in local market conditions and forecasts, property type & zoning use, vacancy, and the overall physical and environmental status of the property, which will contribute to presenting you an accurate valuation of a commercial property. 

At Blair Blanchard Stapleton Limited, a boutique commercial brokerage in Hamilton and Burlington, we have a team of commercial real estate agents and brokers with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise of the local and regional commercial real estate industry and have the tools to provide you with a seamless, satisfactory service. Work with a commercial real estate agent today – work with Blair Blanchard Stapleton Limited.


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