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Industrial Land Sale Market

By John MacNamara

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John joined Blair Blanchard Stapleton Limited in 2017 with his partner Paul Mariutti, and has an active role in the Hamilton market and surrounding areas, with his main focus on the Industrial and Office sectors. John is known for his persistence, creative problem solving skills, understanding of current resources and technologies, and a vast knowledge of industry statistics.

Industrial Land Sale Market

The Hamilton Industrial land market is at a record setting level of activity.  Several large players have acquired large swaths of land surrounding the airport with over 371 Acres transacting in Q3 alone.  The large players include the Rice Group, Beedie, Broccolini, First Gulf, Fengate and One Properties.  With the increase in large industrial players entering the market it has caused an increase in the demand for smaller support operations.  It really has been a steep spike in value over the last 4 years.  The average price per acre in 2016 was $366,000 for industrial land with services to the lot line.  As 2021 closed out industrial land prices have pushed their way into the $1.1M on a per acre basis for large industrial sites.   It is expected that in 2022 smaller lots will trade at or above the $1.5 million mark. 

Source: Internal data.

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