Market Updates
Making Sure Your Space Looks Leasable

As prospective tenants are looking for commercial space, aside from the criteria they are looking at – square footage, amenities, pricing, and location – they want to see options that will not only catch their eye but also look professional to their customer base.

Oftentimes, photos provided do not necessarily match the description, or display spaces that are – simply put – unkempt. We have seen this before – a mess that not even a professional photographer can manage to remedy.

How can you, as a landlord, assist?

  • Make sure any debris left over from the previous tenant is removed. So often we get photos where there’s even just a spray bottle and a roll of paper towel left in the middle of the room. 
  • If the place is a complete disaster, hire cleaners to come in and do a full, professional deep clean. 
  • Whiteboxing the space provides a blank canvas for your tenants to come in and build out their unit.
  • Make sure the space looks how it is being marketed. If it’s a turnkey unit, make sure the tenants know they can plug and play.
  • If you are providing pictures to us, make sure that your space is nice and bright – use natural light and indoor light – do not use flash!
  • Ensure you are not facing the light – always make sure the light is behind you, or else the viewer won’t see anything in the photo.

The more attractive your space looks, the faster you can get a tenant locked in and moved in. Our Realtors can give you advice on how to best make your space – whether it’s office, retail, or industrial – look marketable.  

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