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Why Expand Your Business to Hamilton?

You’ve finally made the decision – it’s time to expand. But where, and why?

Consider Hamilton – a midsize city, with a large suburban area surrounding a Downtown Core, beautiful character buildings, old Victorian homes converted into office or retail space – but what’s so great about it? 

Hamilton is known for its eclectic character, growing economy, and financial respite from the soaring prices in the Greater Toronto Area. Hamilton’s reputation as a desirable, affordable haven for Toronto residents brings in not only these out-of-towners, but their big city salaries as well.

Moreover, Hamilton – known as a bedroom community – is an ideal place to set up a satellite office for your long-commuting employees. So many Hamilton residents have commuted their entire careers – whether on the GO Train or by car – and with a flurry of people migrating to the city, it’s only going to get worse.

Opening a satellite office, store, or warehouse in Hamilton can benefit you in so many ways:

  • Lower rental rates in all areas of the Hamilton Core and the Greater Hamilton Area, compared to Toronto;
  • Growing local labour pool;
  • Opportunity to expand into Stoney Creek, Grimsby, and parts of Southwestern Ontario;
  • Desirable for current commuting employees

Hamilton has also seen, in recent years, a boom in not only small business, but culture and events. Supercrawl Arts + Music Festival is a huge success year-after-year, with 2019 seeing an economic impact of more than $20M, according to Supercrawl’s website

Areas like the waterfront will likely start to see some major redevelopment (source), and major industrial developers like Broccolini and Pure Industrial have been rapidly purchasing land around the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (source).

Hamilton is an affordable, diverse, growing, and bustling city with plenty of office lease and purchase options, and a rapidly growing industrial market. Our Realtors at Blair Blanchard Stapleton can help you find a perfect space tailored to your business needs.